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Jane, a simple lady who believes in destiny unexpectedly had a glimpse of her future.

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Lemen, Isaiah




De La Salle University







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What Made You Interested to Join the Three Shots Festival?

My passion for filmmaking grew as I began to edit, act, write and produce visual content on my own. I entered 3SF as my first short film competition submission because I want to showcase my creativity and effort in filmmaking and storytelling.

What Is Your Inspiration Behind This Film?

Someone rejected me during my year of high school. One night, I had a dream about this person that was filled with love and happiness. However, when I awoke, I shed a tear since I assumed we were together. I wanted to make my first film about love in dreams and how we feel it in real life.

What message do you want to convey through your film?

Dreams give us a glimpse of our heart’s desires and sometimes in our dreams, we see what is in our subconscious. I want the audience to see that my film isn't dependent on following a "sequential style." Knowing the "twist" will help you understand the film better.

Cast and Crew

Director - Isaiah Lemen, Director of Photography - Isaiah Lemen, Producer - Isaiah Lemen, Editor - Isaiah Lemen, Screenplay - Isaiah Lemen, Actor - Veronica Gayda as “teenager” (Jane), Actor - Concepcion Tambalogan as “adult” (Jane), Actor - Lolita Lemen as “old” (Jane), Voice Actor - Germaine Gayda as “teenager” Dustin, Voice Actor - Gregory Lemen as “adult” Dustin, Voice Actor - Stephen Cruz as the grandson of Jane and Dustin

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