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This film was made to show the hierarchy of life. It portrays the different level of human beings in this world. We live in a country wherein we are classified based on our intellectual and financial ability, this film portrays to execute the aptness of a person to provide the needs of their family. In this, we used the 'buying of chicken per kilo' as a basis on how can they afford their living expenses. Backstories were also shown to let people know the struggle before getting what they need.

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Isidro, Princessa Belle


Art Director


Gordon College







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Director's Treatment

What Made You Interested to Join the Three Shots Festival?

As the Film Director, I want to contribute what I saw and experience in real life. The people who has the ability to provide and the difference from the people who lack adequacy to response for their everyday lives. It inspired me to elaborate more the actual happenings nowadays.

What Is Your Inspiration Behind This Film?

My inspiration was the community that surround me, the fact that we live in the current situation regardless of what we need and what we have. Being open-minded in this matter is a big motivation to let everyone know the current situation of different people in our daily lives.

What message do you want to convey through your film?

This film is a work of people who have the concerns in the community we are living. By visualization we can emphasize the concept we are trying to execute for the people. It can also be a reminder that being kind with the people around us - whether we know or not, can be a big impact to make their lives easier.

Cast and Crew


Director - Francis Lester S. Lacambra
Writer - Jessa Anne Villarin

Director of Photography: Lawrence John Del Barrio
Film Editor/Colorist: Noel Mantes
Cinematographer: Glenn Elaog Mercurio
Art Director:Princessa Belle Isidro


Erick John Mose
Choedy Movilla
Albert Gonzales
Gabrielle Anne Vergara
Josephine Gonzales
Mary Eunice Gonzales

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