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In 2030, Mt. Apo's aftermath causes the land filled with gold, a family of a farmer, father, and son finds hope in the land where gold is hidden. Will they end their poverty?

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Tulbo, Jermaine


Founder, Director


Meridian International College







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What Made You Interested to Join the Three Shots Festival?

In this film, I was challenged by the concept of 3 shots. As a filmmaker I want challenges. I come up with the idea that what if our land can save people's poverty. By the technique of 3 shots, it will showcase the real emotions of every hopeless farmer.

What Is Your Inspiration Behind This Film?

My inspiration for this is from Manuel Silos film “biyaya ng lupa” (blessings of the land). It begins with farmland and their job as magsasaka until the story got deeper as I've never expected. Up until now, Our society relates to the concept of killings without justice.

What message do you want to convey through your film?

Our society relates to the concept because it depicts that every poor community most of the time, rich people or owners of big companies has the power to abuse them. Most of us think that Filipinos are welcoming and always smiling despite everything maybe because we don't have the choice but we have the power to pull leaders who are blind by this issue in voting the right leader in our country.

Cast and Crew

Director - Jermaine Tulbo, Producer - Jermaine Tulbo, Writer - Jermaine Tulbo, Cinematographer - Jermaine Tulbo, Executive Producers - DMs Boongaling, Jude Matanguihan, Jermaine Tulbo, Production Manager - Gualbertsan Sual, Jude Matanguihan, Jermaine Tulbo, Sound Designer - Jermaine Tulbo, Editor - Jermaine Tulbo, Colorist - Jermaine Tulbo, Production helper - Kuya Oliver.

Main Cast: DMs Boongaling - Conrad (Father), Nathaniel Molina - Aki (Son)

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