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A woman cooks and cleans as she listens to a news report about the case of a renowned chef gone missing.

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Balayo, Alyssa Maxine B.




University of Santo Tomas





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Director's Treatment

What Made You Interested to Join the Three Shots Festival?

I was used to 25 minute short films that took weeks to complete. I wanted to make a film but I was limited by the pandemic in terms of cast, cRew and locations. With the 3 shot festival, I was not limited by these restrictions-- I was challenged by it. I was excited to do it. And so I did.

What Is Your Inspiration Behind This Film?

As a woman, true crime has a strong connection with me as we are usually its victims. This is the alternate reality where the victim doesn't end up dead. Instead it's him-- the original killer, he who took her body for his pleasure and ended up being killed, with his body used to sustain hers.

What message do you want to convey through your film?

Most of the time, women are not given the justice they deserve. They are forced to get it for themselves. Even when the offender is exposed, society perpetuates this "promising young man" narrrative that devalues the victim's trauma. It's not only insulting but also adds trauma to the victim which further hurts the victim in ways we can't fathom. This is a microcosm of that unfortunate reality.

Cast and Crew

Alyssa Maxine B. Balayo -- Supporting Actor (Podcaster voice and Police), Cameraman, Script Writer, Director,
Jhoana Icaranom -- Script Writer, Main Actor (Angela Cervantes) and Editor
Angela Marie Mar -- Supporting Actor (News Reporter)

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