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3 Days Before I Die






A strong-willed boy battles his way out of the void, confusedly relapsing whether his life would cease to exist or be rarely mend by love.

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Gonzales, Johan Dyrelle M.




Mapúa University Makati





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Director's Treatment

What Made You Interested to Join the Three Shots Festival?

As a film student, I want to involve myself in filmmaking to learn from mistakes, experience, and explore my creativity when it comes to this filed. I would like to build connections and garner my audience, play with my style and make a name for myself in the industry.

What Is Your Inspiration Behind This Film?

My inspiration behind this film is that many youth are experiencing depression, myself included. The pressure, the expectations, the dreams that we wanted, but are very hard to achieve. Without the help of family and friends, you'll undoubtedly drown if you don't have anything/anyone to hold on to.

What message do you want to convey through your film?

Being a safe space for someone takes compassion, empathy, and understanding, especially for people who think they do not deserve any of these. If you're looking for a reason to live and think that you'll never find it, remember that life and your breath are enough of a reason to keep going.

Cast and Crew

Director - Johan Gonzales
Story Writer - Benjo Macalinao
Screenplay - Johan Gonzales & Benjo Macalinao
Director of Photography - Johan Gonzales & Jericho Jeriel
Head Colorist – Nolz Sanders Dela Cruz
Film Editor & VFX Artist - Johan Gonzales
Main Actor - Jan Darryl Villafuerte
Voice Actor/Narration - Nolz Sanders Dela Cruz
Narration - Tomas Fourth De Lara

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