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The Runaway Child

Film Category

Live Action



English Title

The Runaway Child

Complete Name

Lemen, Isaiah

Cast and Crew

Director - Isaiah Lemen, Director of Photography - Julia Polancos, Hatori - Isaiah Lemen

Logline/Short Synopsis

Hatori fled his home to flee from the myriad devastation he had caused in the past. Leaving his family, friends, and loved ones behind. He wants to go out to a new place where he can recollect his preceding thoughts and return to his former self with a new view.

Past Competitions


Award and Recognition


What motivated you to join this year's 3 Shots Film Fest?

My passion for filmmaking grew as I began to edit, act, write and produce visual content on my own. I want to showcase my creativity and effort in filmmaking and storytelling.

Tell us what inspired you to create this film?

My film was inspired by recollecting self-thoughts and shared experiences with others. I think this is vital yet being neglected. I wanna define what existence means and its entirety. My film talks about being free or shutdown.

Share the challenges you have encountered and the learnings you discovered given the limitations.

It was very hard to shoot since there were a lot of people that were looking at us when were in Boracay. There was also a storm that delayed us to shoot the last shot of the film.

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Technicalities - 10%

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