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Film Category

Live Action



English Title



Complete Name

Valonda, JC

Cast and Crew

Dylan- Jc Valonda
Cassie- Reevah Angue

Director- Jc Valonda
1st Assistant Director- Monica Labor
2nd Assistant Director- Angela Agbayani
3rd Assistant Director- Zel Ofalla
Writer- Angela Agbayani and Jc Valonda
Editor- Zel Ofalla
Music Supervisor- Jc Valonda
Screen Writer- Monica Labor
Production Designer- Monica Labor and Hazel Ofalla
Assistant Designer- Angela Agbayani

Logline/Short Synopsis

Lovers that seemed to be troubled by their on going relationship curated something unimaginable - that one did not anticipate.

Past Competitions

Award and Recognition

What motivated you to join this year's 3 Shots Film Fest?

The 3 Shots Film Festival became a platform for filmmakers to voice out social issues that people need to consider. Our team did not hesitate to grab the chance because we also want to showcase not only our creativeness, but to show that we have a story to tell.

Tell us what inspired you to create this film?

The HIV issue has been a long term battle for people that has it; however, even if we live in the modern era wherein people should be knowledgeable about it, the stigma still resides that HIV infection is accumulated through same sex. And we are here to change that mindset of everyone.

Share the challenges you have encountered and the learnings you discovered given the limitations.

Honestly, within the team, we were challenged because of time and resources. Albeit, this obstacle that the team had faced, we learned how to be resourceful and maximize our time. The learning that we had grasp is that a film is a powerful medium to change the narrative of people so we must put it to good use for the betterment of all.

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Originality/Creativity - 50%

Pacing/Structure - 40%

Technicalities - 10%

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