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Film Category

Live Action



English Title

Home Invader


Complete Name

Abad, Aron

Cast and Crew

Carlos - Hassmir Kiel Silos
Mother/ Lady in the House - Ivy Mariano
Demolition Agent - Jonathan Barrameda
Carlo's Wife & Music Score - Catherine Phoebe Cancio
Carlo's Daughter - Jeralene Sombrero
Producer, Prod. Manager & Editor - Hassmir Silos
Director, Writer, Sound, Music Score - Aron Abad
Director of Photography & Colorist - Rei Cordero
Prod.Designer & Asst. Director - Jeralene Sombrero

Logline/Short Synopsis

Out of desperation, Carlos, a victim of a corrupt and violent demolition, invades a stranger's home to steal and loot for his family.

Past Competitions

Award and Recognition

What motivated you to join this year's 3 Shots Film Fest?

I wanted to experience the challenge of creating and shooting a story in a three-shot film with only three cuts. With these limitations, my creativity and imagination is the only limit. I have never done it and I want to try it.

Tell us what inspired you to create this film?

I wanted to push and create a story that would be in the thriller genre, and thinking of the three-shot film challenge, I felt like it would be a great outlet/opportunity to create such. Doing long-take(s) for example.

Share the challenges you have encountered and the learnings you discovered given the limitations.

Because of the three-shot limitation, most of the shots were captured in a very long single take which required our team to utilize most of the time in our one-day shoot for rehearsal.

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Originality/Creativity - 50%

Pacing/Structure - 40%

Technicalities - 10%

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