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The short film portrays two faces behind a veil in one person. The exterior face exhibits the main character’s life aspects that regard to society; the face where the main character interacts with each other and at the end remains untruthful. A face that had been made up just to please others. The second face; the interior. It reveals the true nature of the main character; a face that had been made up due to experiences from the world that resulted in an unstable mind and behavior.

Representative Name

Dumogho, Dominic Howell




Father Saturnino Urios University ( Butuan City)





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Outstand Films

Director's Treatment

What Made You Interested to Join the Three Shots Festival?

The reason why I join the 3SF is to create a story that is also an eye-opener to those who are watching it and to test my skills if I can do it in 3 shots only. I've seen films in the silent film era where it's just one shot but the viewers can already understand what the story is.

What Is Your Inspiration Behind This Film?

The team has a great fondness for films that typically include driven stories that accompany dark, intriguing, and suspenseful feats. Along with the features or elements, are the elevating scores that give rise to exciting and scenes that are not anticipated that also astounds us.

What message do you want to convey through your film?

It conveys the upshots of personal encounters that have been triggered which produce disorders that have an impact on emotions, perception, and action. The short film lets us catch a glimpse of the importance of mental health for all of us. The film shows us one of the consequences of the conditions.

Cast and Crew

Director - Dominic Howell Dumogho
Writer - Prince Marlo Montadas
Cinematographer - Dominic Howell Dumogho
Editor - Dominic Howell Dumogho
Production Assistant - Kristel Angelica Caranto
Main Actress - Marijul Aboc
LGBT 1 - Cyril Daal
LGBT 2 - Afrael Candole
LGBT 3 - Jaymark Sagusay

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Originality/Creativity - 50%

Pacing/Structure - 40%

Technicalities - 10%

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