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As usual, Jenny, a teenager, receives a plant from her friend but discovers the mystery behind the trending hashtag: #Plantita.

Representative Name

Bayoneta, Pearl Audrey


Writer and Director


Miriam College





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Director's Treatment

What Made You Interested to Join the Three Shots Festival?

As a young aspiring filmmaker, I found joining the three shots festival as a great opportunity to broaden my network as well as to hone my filmmaking skills. I thought that the being able to share a worth telling story in just three shots would greatly challenge budding filmmakers like myself .

What Is Your Inspiration Behind This Film?

I was inspired by the challenges and opportunities that the pandemic has brought us. Planting was one of the ways Filipinos coped during these trying times. While the privileged Filipinos are digging up plants, the others are digging up their own graves— going to unhealthy lengths of work.

What message do you want to convey through your film?

With the rise of Social media exposure and consumption, especially during this time where almost everyone's lives are on the Internet, I want to convey an important message on the detrimental consequences of social media influence. Following trends and using hashtags may not be all fun games after all. Regardless if it's fame or money that we're after, still, one of our feet's in the pit.

Cast and Crew


Writers - Pearl Audrey Bayoneta, Myka Danice Nillos, Aira Marie Abliter
Executive Producers - MCinema Organization and Miriam Television Organization (MCTV)
Co- producers - Hailene Santos, Millicent Jardin, and Jex Velasquez
Directors - Pearl Audrey Bayoneta and Aira Marie Abliter
Casting Directors - Alessa Alcantara and Pearl Audrey Bayoneta
Directors of Photography - Alessa Alcantara and Aira Marie Abliter
Production Design - Alessa Alcantara, Aira Marie Abliter, and Pearl Audrey Bayoneta

Head Editors - Alessa Alcantara, Jamilla Bilaoen
Assistant Editors - Jann Erin Castro and Alessandra Campos
Title Design - Daryl Reinne Del Castillo
Graphics and Visual Effects Editor - Jex Velasquez
Sound Design - Jamilla Bilaoen
Assistant Sound Design - Alessandra Campos

"Galit" by Bullet Dumas Cover Arranged and Performed by Marcus Dylan Cabal


"Jenny" - Zion Martin
"Neighbor 1" - Nissi Bonifacio
"Neighbor 2" - Shanaia Escober
"Delivery Rider" - Joshua Tuason
"Radio News Reporter" - Elemiah Daquiz
"Police Officer 1&2" - Jonas Aran

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Pacing/Structure - 40%

Technicalities - 10%

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