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Sa Ating Huling Sandali

Film Category

Live Action



English Title

In Our Last Moments

Sa Ating Huling Sandali

Complete Name

Ramos, Gabriel Subida

Cast and Crew

Director: Gabriel Subida Ramos
Written by: Gabriel Subida Ramos & Aali Sumaylo
Prod. Manager: Ichiro Vicencio
Script Visor: Paul Joshua Boleche

Ed Carlo Carticiano as Loy
Ralph Jhon M. Hugo as Kuya

DOP: Tanya Pangilinan
Cam OP: Frank Ahlen & Dayl Fernandez
Loc. and Prod. Design : Mark Asuncion
Sound Design: Raphael Plaza
Music Prod: Isaiah John Letaba, & Ebenezer Villas

Logline/Short Synopsis

Loy comes home on a rainy night; tired and frustrated. Hell-bent on wanting to speak with his brother, he dared to ask, "Can we talk?". Loy might never have the certainty of getting an answer. But, he had the rest of the night to figure it out.

Past Competitions

Award and Recognition

What motivated you to join this year's 3 Shots Film Fest?

What motivated me to join was the challenge of the film fest. This is the first film fest that I joined, and I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and face my fears and doubts as a director.

Tell us what inspired you to create this film?

This film was based on a dream that I had with a dear close friend of mine whom I consider as my own blood that recently passed. I wanted to express the feeling of remembering home and wanting to do something different for someone who's already gone.

Share the challenges you have encountered and the learnings you discovered given the limitations.

We encountered challenges in storytelling as we had to narrow down options as much as we could without compromising the moral of the story. Time management is key in pulling off extraordinary ideas. And as a director, an important lesson I learned is that you cannot lift the world on your own. You need to be open to the ideas of others in order to build what's "great" into "amazing".

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Pacing/Structure - 40%

Technicalities - 10%

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