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A woman; who works for the syndicates and forces children to work for her. Due to her greediness towards money, an unexpected turn of events will happen that will change the fate of others around her.

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Corpus, Faye III




Lyceum of the Philippines - Manila





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Director's Treatment

What Made You Interested to Join the Three Shots Festival?

I wrote and shot this film mainly because of a requirement in school. It's a production exercise for our film class. Luckily, many people saw the potential in it so, I decided why not join a contest?

It's also a challenge to me on how I'll produce and write a story/film in just 3 shots.

What Is Your Inspiration Behind This Film?

"Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable," sabi nga ni Cesar A. Cruz.

Indie PH films impacted my life; on how I see life and other people's situation. Kakanood ko siguro ng mga gantong pelikula kaya ako nakapag sulat at nakagawa ng ganto.

What message do you want to convey through your film?

Originally, It's supposed to be a women empowerment film. The main character got tired of the life that was planned for her. Somehow she managed to escape the life that she didn't want in the first place. At the end, she should see or find her worth as a woman even though her ownmomsaw her only as a whore, slut, and moneymaker. But I think it's up to the people on how they'll interpret the film.

Cast and Crew

Director - Faye III Corpus, Producer - Bong Corpus & Maribel Mira Corpus, Stylist - Kate Corpus Actors - Ysabella Corpus, Faye III Corpus, EJ Corpus & Anabelle Trance

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