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The film 'Bungantulog' is about a girl who has been constantly experiencing abuse because of her (father, uncle, partner). She cannot escape from the trauma her (father, uncle, partner) has inflicted on her, so she plans to kill him. As she executes her plan, she abruptly woke up. All of it was an illusion, a dream to escape how miserable she is. In the end, did she really kill him? or was it her who died inside instead?

Representative Name

Perez, Jan Andrei D.




San Sebastian College - Recoletos, Manila





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ARC Organization

Director's Treatment

What Made You Interested to Join the Three Shots Festival?

As a student, I enjoy taking photographs and videos in order to preserve memories in our lives. I also enjoy writing stories. I'd like to participate in these types of festivals to demonstrate my abilities and skills because, as a student, I've learned and attempted to explore the world of film.

What Is Your Inspiration Behind This Film?

My inspiration behind of this film is my mother because in her 18 years in abroad I want to show my very best to my mom, to be happy. She's my inspiration in my all competition because she like to be a professional director someday. That's why I continue her dreams, and also I like films too.

What message do you want to convey through your film?

In all women in generation z abuse is a very inevitable crime in different kinds of situations. I just want you to know that I made this kind of film to give awareness to those people who experiencing this kind of abuse. You need to be stronger and pray for everything that happens, don't try to kill the person who abuse you, but fight for your dignity and justice because God knows it.

Cast and Crew

Director - Jan Andrei Perez , Executive Producer - Princes Delos Reyes , Script Writer - Jan Andrei Perez , Videographer - Jan Andrei Perez, Michael Delos Reyes , Editor - Jan Andrei Perez , Cast - Alvin Delos Reyes, Alexandra Delas Alas

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