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Resubmission of Entries


The reason of re-submitting is to further polish the editing that was never done in the first submission.


Change of title card, the stabilization adjustment, added vfx sound and recolor

Feelingerong Feline

several cinematographic decision changes; minor script revision


Resubmitting it just to make sure that my entry is submitted but the shortfilm is still the same with my previous entry and i didn't change anything, thankyou!

Reach Out

The initial entry's frame size was in 1440x1080 and at 23.97fps for the frame rate. This resubmission is now at the intended 1920x1080 and 29.97fps as stated in the email. Additionally, some color grading and minor revisions were made.

Tunggalian: Tao Laba

We need to re-submitted with a 1920x1080 24.97 fps or 29.97 fps frame size.


Cut some parts out.

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