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How do I join the festival as a participant?

Just create an account on the MUD website (log in to, head over to the 3SF page and complete the registration form.

Is there an age limit?


What inspired the Three-Shots Festival?

The idea came when one of MUD's founders attended a film workshop. He thought of making films using non-conventional methods; one of which is to be able to tell a whole film's story and concept in just three shots.

Can I use a smartphone to make a film?

Yes. The films can be made via any video camera or any camera phone.

Can I join even if I'm residing outside the Philippines?

Yes. As long as the participant is a bonafide Filipino citizen.

What If I'm not from the Philippines, but my film was shot in the Philippines or its theme is related to the Philippines?

We can accept the entry if you are a Filipino.

Can I join with my friends as one group?

Yes. We accept group entries regardless of number of members.

How many entries can I submit?

Participants are only allowed to submit ONE entry.

Is there an entry fee?


Can you clarify or elaborate on the " 3 shots" rule?

The whole film sequence should only be composed of three shots: one shot for the beginning, one for the middle and one for the end, in any order.

Can I use a single shot/scene three times to tell the full story?

Yes. Surprise us.

Can I use clips from my old films?

Yes. As long as the film is not the same end product as how it was previously released and you own the rights to the clips.

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