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Film Category

Live Action



English Title


Complete Name

Pregonero, Patrick

Cast and Crew

Yvon Kate as "Yvon"
CJ Miguel as "The Flyer Boy"
Patrick Pregonero as "Pat"

Producer: Yvon Kate
Writer and Director: Patrick Pregonero
Cinematographer: Patrick Pregonero & CJ Miguel
Production Designer: Yvon Kate
Editor: Hansel Jimenez
Scorer: Glemuel Rigo

Logline/Short Synopsis

Yvon initiates a series of events that soon will be unfortunate for her, and her only way out is to face the consequences.

Past Competitions

Award and Recognition

What motivated you to join this year's 3 Shots Film Fest?

I got motivated to join this year's 3 Shots Film Fest because its criteria are very suitable for my creativity.

Tell us what inspired you to create this film?

The quote "What goes around, comes around." inspired me to create this film. It's all about kindness.

Share the challenges you have encountered and the learnings you discovered given the limitations.

One of the challenges that we encountered as we made this film, is the weather because at the time we were shooting this film, the weather is terrible, and everything was a hassle for us. I learned that we should be prepared earlier and work on our time management, so we have the time to adjust our shooting dates, whenever things like these happen to us again, in our future projects.

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Originality/Creativity - 50%

Pacing/Structure - 40%

Technicalities - 10%

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